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​​Creston welcomes you to the green rolling hills of Southern Iowa, which is nestled between two navigable waterways, the Missouri River and the mighty Mississippi River.  Creston is home to the historic McKinley Park that includes McKinley Lake, the Band Shell, a heated swimming pool, picnic shelters and a 38-site Campground – all within the city limits of town.   Union County incorporates 2,100 acres of water including Green Valley State Park and five additional lakes, sport fishing, boating and campgrounds with walking paths and bike trails.

Creston also offers excellent educational opportunities throughout our public school system, including one senior


high school, one middle school and grade school.  There are two alternative grade schools, St Malachy Catholic and Mayflower Heritage Christian School.   Creston is home to Southwestern Community College, which has a student body of over 1,700.  It offers a strong arts and science program, career education programs and a comprehensive adult and continuing education program.   Dormitories are available for on- campus housing.

Southern Prairie YMCA is located in Creston and offers an indoor swimming pool, indoor running track, weight and exercise equipment and classes supporting a healthier lifestyle.


Greater Regional Medical Center incorporates a health care facility complete with an Intensive Care Unit, Birthing Center, 24 hour Emergency/Ambulance Services and a fully equipped Surgery Department.   Medical Clinic, Senior Housing and Hospice facilities are adjacent to the center.  The community also supports additional health care with Dental, Optometry and Chiropractic services.


The Greater Regional Cancer Center in Creston in partnership with Mercy Cancer Center of Des Moines offers state-of-the-art services to south west and south central Iowa.


Creston is the largest town in southwest Iowa and has a growing economy with new and old businesses supporting the needs of many of the smaller communities surrounding the area.   Full Service Banking, Credit Unions, Law Firms, Real Estate Brokerages, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores and other service industries offer residents the convenience living within their community.

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